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life + 1day

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    • Omid Raies Dana
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By and large, “Music” in “Cinema” is not in a pleasing condition; some cinema people look upon it as a part of film’s soundtrack and at times see those musical sounds out of the corner of their eyes! Some films never ask for music and some others have so much of it. The day I saw the film “Life+ 1Day”, its music did not left any impression on the angle of my feelings and I was wondering whether there was not a little room for music in order to alleviate the mother’s sneezes, Mohsen’s whimpers, Morteza’s ups-and-downs and even Somayeh’s silent tears? Until I figured out that music was composed for each of these scenes, however, due to the busy time of the festival and all the rush to submit the film to be screened, there remained little time for the music to be added to the movie. And this became the main reason for us to share the intact sense of the music with you in an independent album. Although we are less touched by the emotional side of the film these days, the latent obstinacies, tears and similes of its music are still bright and always remind us of those people who are still a “family” and the spirit of union, being “together”, still flows in them, though all their belongings are intertwined with naught. Film, together with its music, is reminiscent to us of where we are; where we are still dealing with Men’s “life+ 1Day”. Where we live, people of different natures blaze in an emotional bind, in intricacies and prefer other’s needs over their own. Well, did you see where we are? By the way, where are we!

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