Nahoft 1

Nahoft 1

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    • Jahanshah Saremi
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Proper musical training is the most fundamental constituent and criterion for gaining any kind of achievement in music, such noteworthy that, if it goes astray, it would certainly result in the artist’s failure. By taking a glance at the current situation of our music, on can simply perceive the main grounds of ineffective training. Learning music demands great effort and time to bear fruits; yet, this is going to happen if the music trainee chooses the proper path. Many people cannot even bear the burden of such an approach; moreover, academic centers, such as music schools and universities, are constantly caught up in too trivial issues to be able to pay attention to long-time and cohesive planning in favor of the lengthy road of training. In this between, Nahoft Music center has gained so many successes during its two-decade activity in training the adolescents in the arena of music. Taking a brief look at the names of those youngsters who have been fostered there shows that, Nahoft, amid all its perseverance and qualifications, can be regarded as a remarkable instance. Today, most of those youngsters have turned into great and experienced musicians whose musical contributions reveal the fact that they have patiently travelled along the correct path of training. It should be remembered that what we are talking about is the main liability of the government and those institutions in charge of the promotion of arts and culture, which hold the suitable budget and facilities. However, Nahoft has played the role of a committed cultural foundation enjoying none of these amenities. The present collection is the output of a part of Nahoft’s two-decade activity in group playing (more than 70 performances). It is a selection of the first performance of each Nahoft’s generation and aims to picture the role of academic and consistent training and its influence on the inexperienced youngsters. Longing for the group’s more activity in its third decade…


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