Pardeh Honar Moosighi Records, founded in 2015, is a music production group based in Iran. Built upon the rich experiences of its founders in Iranian music, it aims to perpetuate, promote and foster Iranian Radif and traditional music (based on Iranian modal systems) and also to provide a desirable context for young professional Iranian artists in the field to gain opportunities to more present their music and to collect novel experiences, mostly in a world wherein less is paid to originality and such deep-rooted music.
To this end, the group provides professional supports to facilitate the production of folklore and Radif instrumental music as well as vocal music – with its special look at the roots and bonds between noble poetry and music. It strives to promote and upkeep this type of music with special audience with the hope to make it known to all and to add valuable works to the rich music treasure of Iran.
PMH records has released 7 audio and 3 audio-visual albums to date; the passion and precision in selecting the projects has led the group to win Barbad award 2018 (Iran’s most prestigious music award) for the best music producer of the year, though being young and less experienced as to its competitors.
Besides, in line with its main objectives in introducing the links between Iranian music and Iran’s greatest literary figures’ works, the group has held two successful events, ”Hafez and Music” and “Attar and Music” with the presence of great masters and academic figures both in music and literature.

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