The tall Cedar

The tall Cedar

  • Artists:
    • Hossein Alishapour
    • Mohammad Eshghi
  • Release:

To create a traditional artwork seems to be plain, while it is one of the most difficult tasks; as the structure and the aesthetics of traditional art forms have been lingered like a memorial ancient jewel through years and it is on the artists’ shoulders to conduct a novel recreation through expressing their personal touch, while maintaining the boundaries. Sarv-e Bala (The Tall Cedar) is a tradition-oriented work in which I have composed melodies on the poems of such great poets as Sa’di, Aref Ghazvini and Sayeh (Hooshang Ebtehaj) in Bayat-e Tork and Afshari modal systems. Hossein Alisapour, the tasteful and cultivated artist of our time, who is very knowledgeable in poetry, has deservingly abetted the expressiveness of the lyrics of this album I dedicate the orchestration of the old tasnif, “Sanam” to its composer and poet, the great man of the time of the constitutional revolution of Iran, Aref Ghazvini.

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