Why now?

Why now?

  • Artists:
    • Naser Masoudi
    • Majid Derakhshani
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Selecting “Hala Chera? (Why Now)” as the album name was on purpose. For, I have crooned these songs in my solitude or at the side of several dear companions for years and I have lived my life with them. I mean I wanted this sooner, but, every time, their arrangement and recording were postponed for some reason. They are the songs that I’ve always wished to perform and sing for those who can feel their sense, the songs which were gradually formed in my mind based on the sorrow or delight aroused in me by a poem and, eventually, they were translated into music. That’s why I like them so much; because I know them pretty well; they are the blend of my memories, experiences, the reactions of my heart and mind, and my reflections. One reason that made me publish “Why Now?” at this time was because I’ve always wanted it to be arranged by a cultivated person who knows poetry, one of the intellectual veterans of music. So, who was better than Majid Derakhshani? I am very grateful to him for assisting me to sort out this collection through his words and also in practice. What else…, except the wish for the songs, which have come from my heart, to be touched by yours…

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